Featured Arrival – Li-Cor Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System


Get consistent, reproducible digital images, without the hassles and unpredictability of film with the Li-Cor Odyssey CLx Infrared Imaging System. See both strong and faint bands clearly in the same image, with great sensitivity and no image saturation. You can capture all the detail and complexity of your data with 6 logs of linear dynamic range which makes your results more reproducible.


Image Field Size: 25 cm x 25 cm
Dynamic Range: 4 logs (Manual); >6 logs (Auto)
Laser Lifetime: 40,000 hours typical
700 Channel Laser Source: Solid-state diode laser at 685 nm
800 Channel Laser Source: Solid-state diode laser at 785 nm
Detectors: Silicon avalanche photodiodes
Scanning Speed: 5 – 40 cm/s
Resolution: 21 – 337 µm
Focusing Range: Microscope is adjustable 0 mm – 4 mm above the scan bed to obtain best signal-to-noise ratio
Dimensions (instrument only): 37 H × 53 W × 62 D cm (15 × 21 × 24.5 inches)
Weight: 33 kg (72lbs)




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(2) Identical Units Available 

SierraTherm 7K38-144C131-8LIR Controlled Atmosphere Conveyor Furnace

SSLLC Asset #’s: A04523 and A04524

The SierraTherm 7K38-144C131-8LIR controlled atmosphere conveyor furnace is designed for the primary purpose of firing thick film materials on silicon wafers in the 800 to 900°C range in an air atmosphere.

  • Clean, dry, compressed air is input to the furnace at the utility fitting bracket located on the back side near the exit end of the furnace.
  • An extractor designed to remove burnout materials from the furnace process chamber is located between top elements in the burnout region.
  • The furnace heating system consists of multiple electrically powered, independently controlled heating zones.
  • A water cooling system is provided to help cool the belt and parts as they exit the heated section as well as to dissipate heat generated from the solid state relays.
  • The drive system is located at the exit end of the furnace below the cooling muffle.
  • Power to the furnace is provided to the contactor enclosure located at the exit end, rear side of the furnace next to the utility manifold.
  • Redundant over temperature protection is provided in all furnace zones through an independent over temperature controller sensing unit and a thermocouple located in each zone.
  • The entry and exit muffles are constructed of 304 stainless steel.
  • Emergency Power Off switches are located at each end of the furnace.

Items Included:
Computer and 18″ Monitor

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SSLLC Asset #’s: A04523 and A04524

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