FEATURED ITEM – Capsugel Xcelodose 120S Precision Powder Micro-Dosing System

Capsugel’s patented precision powder micro-dosing systems use the pepper-pot principle to dispense dose weights as low as 100 micrograms, allowing you to precisely, accurately and repeatedly fill capsules and other small dose containers without excipients or bulking agents. Most blends, or formulated products, can also be filled without segregation.

By implementing the Xcelodose system, pharmaceutical companies can:

  • Shorten drug development time and speed up time to first-in-human clinical trials
  • Lower costs by reducing the need for additional costly and time-consuming stability studies

Make: Capsugel

Model: 120S

Includes: Change Part Sizes: 00, 0, 1, 2, & 3 and Weigh Cell 

Ask for shipping to be included on your quote. No risk or obligations. 

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