We receive New Inventory Weekly. Here is the latest shipment…..


We receive New Inventory Weekly. Here is the latest shipment…..

Located in Woonsocket, RI, just outside of Massachusetts’ biotech hub, Surplus Solutions is the leader in laboratory and biotech equipment sales, brokerage and consignment. Our inventory specializes in over 150 different categories encompassing a wide range of laboratory, processing and packing equipment from inudstry-leading manufacturers..

Shimadzu ICPE-9000 Multitype ICP

Shimadzu TOC-L Series Organic Carbon Analyzer

Flexeon CT-4000 Reverse Osmosis System

Mettler Toledo DE51 Density Meter

Miele G7883 Laboratory Glassware Washer

IKA RV10 Rotary Evaporator

Mettler Toledo EasyPlus Titrator

Water Filtration Skid

Cascade TEK Model TVO-2 Vacuum Oven

Flex Pro A3 Series Peristaltic Metering Pump

We offer several channels for both buying and selling, and we strive to best meet each individual customers’ unique circumstances. In addition to our traditional selling channels, we also host several online auctions spotlighting our laboratory, packaging and processing equipment as well.

Surplus Solutions LLC

“From a single piece to an entire facility”

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