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  • Roche Cobas X 480 System
  • BD Innova Automated Microbiology Specimen Processor
  • Waters Synapt G1 Mass Spectrometer
  • Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro System
  • Malvern Hydro 2000MU Mastersizer
  • GE Biacore 3000 Surface Plasmons SPR Analyzer
  • Illumina MiSeq DNA Sequencer
  • Waters Acquity UPLC System
  • Waters 2695 HPLC Systems
  • APV Model 1000 Homogenizer
  • Varian Visat AX CCD Simultaneous ICP-AES System
  • GE Healthcare AKTA Explorer Chromatography System
  • BioTek Precision XS Pipetting System with Hood and Computer
  • VanKel VK 7010 Dissolution Systems

Surplus Solutions

Equipment Located at New Facility:

2010 Diamond Hill Rd, Woonsocket RI

508.646.2744 |



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