MG2 Futura, Shionogi S-100, Bosch GKF 800 & More Encapsulation Features

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Encapsulation and Liquid

Filler Features

MG2 Futura Capsule Machine For Liquid And Powder

Manufacturer: MG2

Model: MG Futura

Serial #: 5228

Product Code: 203858

Used MG2 Futura Encapsulator for Powder and Liquid filling.

Shionogi Qualicaps S-100 Capsule Bander

Manufacturer: Shionogi

Model: S-100

Product Code: 257134

The Shionogi Qualicaps S-100 capsule banders are fully automated and effectively seal capsules filled with liquids of varying viscosities. Ideal for sealing gelatin and hypromellose two-piece capsules

Bosch GKF 800 Liquid Capsule Machine

Manufacturer: Bosch

Model: GKF 800

Serial #: 640514

Product Code: 264783

Bosch GKF 800 Encapsulation Machine

View Bosch 800 working live on our website>>

Bohle LM40 Bin Blender

Manufacturer: Bohle

Model: LM40-NIR

Serial #: 513840001

Product Code: 264980

Bohle LM40 Bin Blender mobile unit suitable for conducting trials of small-scale batch productions under real conditions for subsequent large-scale production.

Capsugel CFS1000 Capsule Filler

Manufacturer: Capsugel

Model: CFS1000

Serial #: 12-03-029

Product Code: 264979

Capsugel CFS1000 Capsule Filler liquid filling and sealing system is specifically designed to allow formulation scientists to better exploit the potential of lipid-based formulations for poorly soluble compounds.

CI Electronics SP200 Check Weigher

Manufacturer: CI Electronics

Model: SADE SP200

Serial #: PS080

Product Code: 264981

CI Electronics SP200 Check Weigher designed for the accurate weight sorting of batches of tablets or capsules.

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