Lots Open Today for Battenfeld Plastic Injection Auction

Battenfeld Plastic Injection Molders Auction

 (4) Battenfeld Model 500/200 CDK-SE Injection Molding Machines Model Years 2001 & 2004 

Power: 480V, 60Hz Weight: 3250kg

Machines are currently skidded and ready to ship

Screw Diameter: 18MM, Specific Injection Pressure:2400 BAR, Theoretical Stroke Vol. 35.6 CCM, Max Inj. Weight (Polystirene) 32.4 Gram,  Max Inj. Weight (Polyethylene) 25.6 Gram, L/d Ration Screw: 20, Nozzle Path: 200 mm, Nozzle pressure force: 20kN, Screw Path 140 mm, Screw Drive: OMT 250, Cylinder heating capacity: 7.88kW, Number of temp Control Zones 1+3.


Surplus Solutions, LLC.

Surplus Solutions is committed to providing the highest quality used equipment, outstanding service, and industry expertise to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and biotech industries.

Equipment Location: 1250 Airport Road, Fall River MA, 02720 | Auctions@ssllc.com | 508.646.2744


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