New to Inventory | Agilent 5975 C Gc/Ms System

Agilent 5975 C GC/MS System

  • Manufacturer: Agilent
  • Model: MSD: G3117A, GC: G1530N
  • Product Code: 265920

Agilent 6890/5975 GC/MS system can run routine ammonia chemical ionization with an optional rough pump designed for corrosive chemicals.

  • Manufacturer: Amersham
  • Model: AKTA Pilot
  • Serial #: 01097453
  • Product Code: 204107
  • TWO available

Amersham Akta Pilot Chromatography System

AKTApilot supports biopharmaceutical manufacturers with Phase IIII in drug development and final-scale production. Suitable for bench-top process development and production.

  • Manufacturer: Applied Biosystems
  • Model: 5500 SOLiD
  • Serial #: 23306-017
  • Product Code: 205079

Abi 5500 Solid Sequencer

ABI 5500 SOLiD Sequencer offers researchers high-quality sequencing data with the versatility to optimize runs for turn-around time or throughput.


MDS Sciex Qstar Xl MS/MS System

  • Manufacturer: MSD Sciex
  • Model: Qstar XL
  • Serial #: Y3030412
  • Product Code: 205080
  • MDS Sciex Qstar XL MS/MS System

  • Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
  • Model: 1849
  • Serial #: 141873-1146
  • Product Code: 205082

Thermo Scientific Forma Laminar Airflow Workststion

Thermo Scientific Forma Laminar Airflow Workststion provides a particulate-free work environment for the performance of sterile and/or dust sensitive procedures.

  • Manufacturer: Dover Systems
  • Model: Polonator G.007
  • Serial #: 050107
  • Product Code: 205081

Dover Polonator G.007 Genome Analyzer

Applications: Sequencing, Genotyping, Gene Expression Software: Linux Open Source On Board Computer: 2 Duo Core PCs with 3 TBytes of StorageData Processing: Real-Time Image with Basecalling

  • Manufacturer: Caliper Life Sciences
  • Model: SciClone ALH 3000
  • Serial #: SS046N4453
  • Product Code: 205065

Affymetrix Array Station, Caliper Life Sciences Sciclone Alh 3000 Liquid Handler


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