5 New Pharma MFG Pieces for Spring Inventory


Glatt GPCG2 Fluid Bed Dryer

“offers perfect solutions and sophisticated design. It offers all the advantages of integrated technology and top quality processing.”

  • Make: Glatt
  • Model: GPCG2
  • Serial #: 9080
  • Year:  2006


Fette 1200 Tablet Press

“computer controlled, single-sided, rotary tablet press with interchangeable die table.”

  • Make: Fette
  • Model: P1200
  • Serial #: 09 287
  • Year: 2000


Bosch GKF 2500 Encapsulator

“incorporates the automatic trouble-shooting feature (ASB), which guarantees the maximal uptime of the machine. Capsule samples are taken from the segments at pre-determined intervals and weighed on a scale.”

  • Manufacturer: Bosch
  • Model: GFK 2500
  • Serial #: 804843
  • Product Code: 171944

Bohanan 2000 Capsule Filling Machine

“the perfect answer for all your capsule filling needs from those hard to fill herbal products to any pharmaceutical product on the market today the Bohanan 2000 plus can handle the workload.”

  • Manufacturer: Bohanan
  • Model: 2000
  • Serial #: 4028-98
  • Product Code: 259818


Korsch XL 800 Tablet Press

the highest output tablet press in the world, offering a single-layer and bi-layer capability.”

  • Manufacturer: Korsch
  • Model: XL 800
  • Serial #: K1580006
  • Product Code: 249713
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