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Krieger Molto-Mat MMU-1000 Vacuum Homogenizer

Manufacturer: Krieger

Model: Molto-Mat Universal MMU

Serial #: MMU-1000

Product Code: 264669

Krieger Molto-Mat MMU-1000 Vacuum Homogenizer, designed for high pressure applications and has all amenities for an efficient Cleaning and Sterilisation in Place.

A&M 20 Cu Ft V-Blender W/ Bar, 316SS

  • Manufacturer: A & M Process Equipment Ltd
  • Model: ATS200LS
  • Product Code: 264668

A&M 20 Cu Ft V-Blender, combines a uniformed blend by intermeshing action of two inclined cylinders.

Lee 220 Liter Twin Motion Kettle

  • Manufacturer: Lee Industries
  • Model: 220LD10T
  • Serial #: 17879-1
  • Product Code: 262868

Lee 220 Liter Twin Motion Kettle, stainless steel with 220 Gallon Capacity.

Sweco PH30 Pharmasep Filter Dryer

  • Manufacturer: Sweco
  • Model: PH30
  • Serial #: 763197-A-0900
  • Product Code: 154909

Sweco Pharmasep Model PH30 Stainless Steel Filter Dryer

Skerman PC-60 60″ Coating Pan

  • Manufacturer: Skerman
  • Model: PC-60
  • Serial #: 17292
  • Product Code: 202053

Used Skerman PC-60 60″ Coating Pan with Graco Murkur ES sprayer

Patterson Kelley 5 Cu. Ft. Double Cone Blender

  • Manufacturer: Patterson-Kelley
  • Model: 5 Cu Ft
  • Serial #: C441706
  • Product Code: 204086

The PK Double-Cone Blender is a vertical cylinder with conical ends which rotates about a horizontal axis. This blender provides an efficient mixing action when loaded at 50 percent of its total volume.

Kason GO-SS Centri-Sifter

  • Manufacturer: Kason
  • Model: GO-SS
  • Serial #: M-5317
  • Product Code: 204370

Kason GO-SS Centri-Sifter designed for gravity-fed applications and for sifting in-line with pneumatic conveying systems

Quadro Comil 197

  • Manufacturer: Quadro
  • Model: 197
  • Serial #: 197-1130-2002
  • Product Code: 204369

Quadro Comil 197 is the world’s leading technology for achieving uniform size reduction, sieving, deagglomeration dispersion and mixing.

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