Latest Dose of SSLLC Equipment

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Surplus Solutions LLC



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Latest Dose of SSLLC Equipment!



Diosna P1-6 Mixer Granulator


Korsch PH 100/6 6 Station Tablet Press


Stokes 511 Single Station Tablet Press


Fitzmill Model L1A Granulator


Patterson Kelley Blend Master Lab Blender


Lock Inspection Systems Metal Detector


Patterson-Kelley 1 cu. ft. MVP Blending System




Glatt FM-VG-05 Mobile Vertical Granulator


Glatt FM-VG-25M Mobile High Shear Vertical Granulator


Glatt FM-VG-10M Mobile Vertical Granulator


Diosna P1-6 Countertop Mixer


 Vector LDCS 3 Mobile Hi-Coater


Vector LDCS Laboratory Development Coating System


Fette P1200 Tablet Press


LB Bohle LM40 Mobile Laboratory Blender  





Collette GRAL-10 High Shear Granulating Mixer


GEA Niro Inc. Laboratory Fluid Bed – Strea-1™


GEA Niro-Soavi Panda 2K Homogenizer


Mocon Tablet/Capsule Weigher and Sorter


Hosokawa Micron Powder Tester 


BEE International Micro Homogenizer



300 Gallon Vaccumm Kettle Triple Motion

Bartelt Formfill Seal Machine

Hata Tablet Press

Fitzpatrick Chilsonator/Roller Compactors

250 Cubic Ft Ribbon Blender

Surplus Solutions, LLC


1250 Airport Road

Fall River, MA





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