New Arrivals:Air Techniques International Aerosol Generator

Air Techniques International Aerosol Generator
Make: Air Techniques International (ATI)
Model: TDA-6C

Aerosol Output Range: 50-2,000 cfm
Aerosol Concentration 100 ug/1@ 200 cfm
Aerosol Concentration 10 ug/1@ 2,000 cfm
Generator Type: 2 to 6 Laskin nozzle Jets
Aerosol Type: Polydispersed (Cold)
Size: 21″ L × 8″ W × 11″ H (54cm L × 20cm W × 28cm H)

Reference Listing # 202686

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    • Hi Vipul, I’m sorry for the delay I just noticed your comment. This is an old blog posting and this unit has since sold. I have put your request into our system however so that if we have a unit available we can reach out to you.

      Thank you for your interest


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