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New Arrivals: SIG Pack Doboy Linium 303 Wrapper

SIG Pack Doboy Linium 303 Wrapper
Make: SIG Doboy
Model: Linium 303
Serial #: 00-22192
Dwell head horizontal wrapper
Speeds up to 120/minute
Servo driven
4.5″ max height x 4.5″ – 16.3″ long
1″ – 6.9″ wide product specs
23.6″ max web width
13.75″ max reel diameter
3″ core diameter
Markem Smart Date 2 coder
Vision system
Timing feed conveyor
Air reject and controls

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New Arrivals: SERVOLIFT 1000 Liter IBC Bins

SERVOLIFT 1000 Liter IBC Bins
• Product contact material 316L S/S
• Non-Product contact material 304 S/S
• Material Finish: 
        – Interior – Mirror Polish
        – Exterior 2B or Mill
• Weld Finish: 
        – Interior welds- ground flush and strip polished
        – Exterior Welds-ground smooth and strip polish 320 Grit
• Make: Servolift
• Model: 1000 Liter
• Year of Manf.: 2006

• Overall Dimensions 52” x 47” x 60”