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November Newsletter

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Lab & Analytical Auction 400+ Lots featuring Agilent, Waters HPLCs, UPLCs, Bioreactors and more

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400+ Lots Lab & Analytical Auction

Tues Nov 17th – Thurs Nov 19th

Waters Synapt G1 LC/MS System

Foss XDS NIR Rapid Content Analyzer

Agilent 7890A GC System

Sartorius Biostat B-DCU Reactor System

Tecan EVO Liquid Handler

Life Technologies Ion Torrent Personal Genome Machine

Thermo Scientific ULTIMATE 3000 UHPLC System

Tecan LS Reloaded Microarray Scanner

Eppendorf New Brunswick Celligen BLU Bioreactor

Beckman Coulter Cell Lab Quanta SC Flow Cytometer


Dionex UltiMate 3000 UPLC | Tecan Evo Liquid Handler | Agilent, Waters, and Thermo  HPLCs | Sartorius Biorectors | Leica Histology Equipment | Ion Torrent Gene Sequencers

Freezers, Refrigerators, Centrifuges, Flammable Storage Cabinets, Consumables and Much More!

Surplus Solutions LLC.

1250 Airport Road | Fall River, MA | 02720

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SSLLC | Lot Catalog Now Live for Pioneer Surgical Online Auction

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Surplus Solutions LLC

New Brunswick BioFlo Pro 300L Fermentor Amersham AKTA Explorer 100Sakura Tissue Tek Glas 6400 Automated Coverslipper Nikon Eclipse TE300 Confocal Microscope SystemCyBi WellFlex New Brunswick Innova 5000 Gyrotory Tier ShakerWaters Alliance 2695 HPLC Molecular Devices Gemini XPS
Agilent 1100 Series HPLC Nikon Eclipse E600 Fluorescence Microscope Buchi B191 Mini Spray Dryer
Surplus Solutions, LLC | 508.646.2744
1250 Airport Road | Fall River, MA | 02720

Lexicon Auction, Live In Less Than 24 hours….

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Surplus Solutions LLC

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Lexicon Online Auction


Auction Highlights Continued…

-Large Qty of Shimadzu HPLC’s                   -Digital Scales

-2001 MegaVac Evaporator                        -Consumables

-Buchi Rotovaps                                              -Ovens

-Caliper Sciclone ALH3000              -Freezers/Refrigerators

-Numerous Buchi Rotovaps                            -Centrifuges

-Heavy Duty Carts                                   -Pumps                  

-Late Model Isuzu Diesel Box           -Tables, Stools, Labelers

Truck, low miles

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Surplus Solutions, LLC


1250 Airport Road

Fall River, MA





San Diego Complete Biotech Facility Closure 12/18

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Surplus Solutions llc
Analytical Equipment
Thermo Dionex ICS 5000
Agilent 6890N w FID and 7683B Injector
Agilent 1260 & 1290
w/ computer & software
GE Sievers 900 Portable TOC
w/ Autosampler
Meso Discovery 2500
GE Sievers 900 Portable TOC
w/ Autosamplers
Malvern Zetasizer Nano-S
(8) HP/Agilent 1100 & 1200 HPLC’s w/ Software
Process Vessels
American Alloy Portable Vessels
18, 20, 25 and 35 liters
Allegheny Bradford Portable Vessels
150, 300 and 400 liters
Feldmeier 60 liter Portable Vessels
Plant Equipment
MECO Still
300 gallons per hour, 5 Columns, 3000 hrs of use
Drexel SLT22 Forklift, side shift and swing shift mast, 36 Volt charger
Numerous SS Tables, Carts, Cages, Masterflex Pumps, Consumables
Bag filling Equipment
Plumat Plumatex-F-014
1-BFH 2011 Single Head Filler
Plumat Plumatex-F-014-2 2005 Dual Head Filler
Plumat Model #1934 Bag Testing Device
Freezers/Stability Chambers
(6) Revco Minus 80 Upright Freezers
(4) Thermo Minus 80 Chest Freezers
(6) Biocold Stability Chambers
Surplus Solutions, LLC
1250 Airport Road
Fall River, MA