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New Arrivals

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AB Sciex API 3000 LC/MS/MS System

Asset # 304750

Count on the API 3000 for increased productivity, and consistent and reliable high-quality results.

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Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module

Asset # 304525

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We have multiple units in Stock. Click here to see all Waters 2695 units.

Leica ASP300 Tissue Processor

Asset # 304509

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AI K ANG AK26 Autostainer

Asset # 304522

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Waters Micromass ZQ Mass Spectrometer

Asset # 304526

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Thermo Scientific Lab Vision Autostainer 480 110V

Asset # 304527

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Leica EG1160 Embedding Center

Asset # 304520

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We are excited to introduce you to our latest additions to our Laboratory Section.


New Inventory                                                                                                      | 401.526.0055

We are excited to introduce you to our latest additions to our Laboratory Section.
This equipment comes from a well-known Multinational Pharmaceutical company based in the U.S.A.  
We received over 40 units from this contract. Shown below are our Top Picks only.
Please get in touch with Fran Ward at if you have any questions or would like to see what else is available from this lot.   
Click the Image or Title to be redirected to our website to view more information and Request your Quote. Be sure to ask about our logistical services! We offer door to door services. 

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Surplus Solutions


2010 Diamond Hill Road

Woonsocket, RI 02895

“From A Single Piece to an Entire Facility – Outfit your Lab for Less”



Genetown29 Lot Catalog Now Live – BioView Duet, Analyzers, HPLC, LC/MS and more


genetown29 Auction banner

Lots Open May 16th 10 AM EST

 Close May 18th 10 AM EST



BioView Duet-3 Mid-High Capacity Microscope

Applied Biosystems ABI Prism 3130xl Genetic Analyzer

Agilent 1200 Series HPLC System

Dionex Ultimate 3000 UPLC

Shimadzu LCMS-2010 EV Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

Waters Alliance 2695 Separations Module

Amersham Biosciences AKTAexplorer

and more!


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Surplus Solutions LLC

2010 Diamond Hill Road Woonsocket, RI 02895 | 401-526-0055



Live | Genetown28 Metrology, Lab & Analytical Equipment – Dionex 3000 UPLC, HPLCs, AKTA systems

800+ Lots Metrology, Lab and analytical equipment | 401.526.0055

Over 800+ Lots in Total 

Monday April 17thLots Open

April 19thDay 1 Lots Start Closing 10 AM EST

April 20th:  Day 2 Final Lots Closing 10 AM EST 

Dionex Ultimate 3000 UPLC

Agilent 1100 HPLC System

Hamilton MicroLab Nimbus

GE Healthcare AKTA Explorer Chromatography System

Faro F04 Gage Plus Arm

Molecular Devices Spectra Max M5 Multi-Mode Microplate

Surplus Solutions LLC 

2010 Diamond Hill Road | Woonsocket RI | 02895

401.526.0055 |


Equipment Features | Mobius FlexReady, Microfluidics M700, GE AKTA and more

AKTA Chromatography, M-700 Microfluidics, Bio Rad NGC, Flow Cytometer and more

 508.646.2744 |

lab and biotech features. 

AKTA Chromatography, Bio Rad NGS, Agilent 1260 HPLC, BIOSTAT Bioreactors….

Mobius FlexReady Solution For TFF (Unused*)

  • Serial #: MSP55101801
  • Product Code: 291189
  • Mobius FlexReady Solution for TFF is an easy-to-use system featuring an optimized single-use flowpath, and is designed to fully support your TFF.

*Item is packaged and therefore stock photo was used. 

Microfluidics M-700 Microfluidizer Processor

  • Manufacturer: Microfluidics
  • Model: 7125-20
  • Serial #: 2005130
  • Year : 2005
  • Product Code: 285508

GE AKTA Ready Chromatography System

  • Manufacturer: GE
  • Model: AKTA Ready
  • Serial #: 1400431
  • Product Code: 211814

Bio-Rad NGC Chromatography System Quest 10 Plus

  • Manufacturer: Bio-Rad
  • Model: NGC Chromatography System Quest 10 Plus
  • Serial #: 841BR020267
  • Product Code: 213378

Li-Cor Model 9120 Odyssey Infrared Imaging System

  • Manufacturer: Li-cor
  • Model: 9120
  • Serial #: ODY-1836
  • Product Code: 213376

BD Bioscience LSR II Flow Cytometer

  • Manufacturer: BD Bioscience
  • Model: LSR II Flow Cytometer
  • Serial #: H47100055
  • Product Code: 213360

B. Braun BIOSTAT C-DCU 20 Liter Bioreactor

  • Manufacturer: B. Braun
  • Serial #: D02200331
  • Product Code: 211812

Agilent 1260 Infinity HPLC

  • Manufacturer: Agilent
  • Model: 1260
  • Product Code: 288060

GeneVac HT-4X Evaporator

  • Manufacturer: Genevac
  • Model: HT-4X
  • Serial #: 6943
  • Product Code: 213365

Surplus Solutions LLC 

1250 Airport Road | Fall River MA | 02720

508.646.2744 |


Catalog Live | Agilent HPLC, GC/MS, Stainless Tanks, and More Auction Nov 14th

Exceptional Lab, Analytical and Test Equipment Auction from Major MA Biotech Facility

Assets of Major MA Based Biotech Facility Auction

Lab, Analytical and Test Equipment  

Monday Nov 14th to Wednesday Nov 16th 

Featured Assets.

•Agilent 6890 Plus GC MS System •Agilent G1888A Network Headspace Sampler  •Agilent 6890N Network Gas Chromatograph System •Agilent 1260 HPLC System •Eagle & Burt Process Stainless Tanks  •Coherent Lasers  •Telemark Cheetah Digital Programmable Sweep  •Comec Inkprint XP05 1C Pad Printing Machine  •Cole-Parmer MasterFlex L/S Peristaltic Pump •Fisnar Industrial Robotics Systems  •Powers Scientific Stability Chambers

Surplus Solutions LLC 

1250 Airport Road | Fall River MA | 02720

508.646.2744 |


Lab Featured Arrivals | Thermo ArrayScan, Mass Specs, HPLCs, Thermo TN 3000 and more


Lab & Biotech Equipment Features.

Thermo ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader

  Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific

  Model: ArraySCAN VTI

  Product Code: 279423

  • Thermo ArrayScan VTI HCS Reader is a modular High Content Screening instrument designed for high-capacity automated fluorescence imaging and quantitative analysis of fixed and live cells.

Waters Synapt G2 Mass Spectrometer

  • Manufacturer: Waters Corporation
  • Model: Synapt G2
  • Serial #: UCA199
  • Product Code: 208695


Beckman Coulter PA 800 Plus Pharmaceutical System

  • Manufacturer: Beckman Coulter
  • Model: Plus 800
  • Serial #: A746030235
  • Product Code: 208385


Thermo Scientific Hyclone 1000 Liter Single-Use Mixer

  • Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
  • Model: SV50215.02
  • Serial #: HI0218-02
  • Product Code: 206445


Sorvall RC-6 Plus Centrifuge

  • Manufacturer: Sorvall
  • Model: RC-6 plus
  • Serial #: A3355
  • Product Code: 260115


Thermo Scientific TN 3000 Total Nitrogen Analyzer

  • Manufacturer: Thermo Scientific
  • Model: TN 3000
  • Serial #: 303TNU132901
  • Product Code: 210135


Agilent 1200 HPLC

  • Manufacturer: Agilent Technologies
  • Model: 1200 Series
  • Product Code: 277690
  • (4) Available 


Sartorius Biostat B-DCU Reactor System 

  • Manufacturer: B. Braun
  • Model: B-DCU
  • Product Code: 208910


Perkin Elmer Clarus 580 Gas Chromatograph

  • Manufacturer: Perkin Elmer
  • Model: Clarus 580 Gas Chromatograph
  • Serial #: 580S13070214
  • Product Code: 210134



Surplus Solutions LLC 

1250 Airport Road | Fall River MA | 02720

508.646.2744 |



Date Change for Mylan Phase 2 Online Auction of in Napa Valley, CA- Additional Lots Added


Mylan Logo
359,000 Sq Ft State of the Art Pharmaceutical Facility
Complete Facility Closure of a Major Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Plant in Napa, CA.Consisting of Surplus Assets to the Continued Operations of Mylan, Inc. at the Dey Pharmaceuticals Facility.Mylan Specialty (formerly Dey Pharmaceuticals) develops, manufactures and markets prescription drug products for the treatment of respiratory diseases, severe allergic reactions and psychiatric disorders, according to the company website.
Bidding Starts: Wednesday October 15, 2013
Closing Begins: Thursday, October 16, 2013
Featured Items:
Complete Nasal Spray Packaging Line 
Multiple electrol specialty CIP skids
Multiple Agilent 1200 HPLCs
Multiple Agilent 1100 HPLCs
Perkin Elmer Analyst 800 Atomic Spectrometer with Autosampler
Agilent 6890AW with 5873 MSD Detector
Thermo Surveyor HPLC with Finnigan LCQ Duo Mass Spec
Freezers, Refrigerators and flow hoods
Pippettes, Glassware and Consumables

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Online Auction Schedule

3 Day, 2 Part Online Auction Event

Starts: Tues. 11/12/13
Closes: Thurs. 11/14/13